Prediabetes symptoms

Prediabetes and diabetes share many of the same symptoms, as the two conditions are the same disease at different stages. Most people with prediabetes already have diabetes-related damage and will eventually show symptoms of fully developed diabetes. But, not all people with prediabetes have symptoms. Prediabetes is usually invisible, even though damage is already occurring in the body.

Tingling and Numbness

Tingling and numbness and a burning sensation in the fingers and toes is a sign of diabetic neuropathy—a symptom of prediabetes and diabetes. Read more

Vision Change

High blood sugar damages the smallest blood vessels in the body. This is first noticeable in the eyes, leading to blurry vision and potentially blindness. Read more.

Increased Urination

The body tries to get rid of extra sugars via the kidneys which leads to subsequent water loss, prediabetics and diabetics may urinate with greater frequency. Read more.


Feeling tired all the time is a common symptom of prediabetes and diabetes. Related complications and risk factors contribute to a general feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. Read more.

Weight Changes (Loss and Gain)

Insulin resistance creates increased levels of insulin and glucose in the blood, which can lead to weight gain. Alternatively, weight loss can also occur when a person is developing prediabetes. Read more.

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