Doctor Orders & Paperwork

General Rules for Lab Order

1. We should provide you with a paper copy of all lab and imaging orders at the time of your visit. Patients are expected to retain a copy of these orders

2. We will provide a one-time electronic submission of your lab orders at the time of your office visit. Otherwise you must come to the office to pick up a paper copy of  your orders. Beginning 9-2018 we will not submit orders by fax to any location. 

Blood Testing Locations

If your physician orders blood work, you may go to any lab that is accepted by your insurance. For more efficient processing we prefer you use a national lab. No appointment is required. Complete that labs about a week prior to your visit so they will be finalized by the time of your visit.  We try hard to make sure that the lab to which we send you is in-network for your insurance but it is still the patient's responsibility to make sure the laboratory is in-network since charges are made directly from the lab to your insurance.

Please try to use a PSC location (patient service center) and not just a general labcorp or Quest location. All "PSC" locations will have access to your lab orders electronically.  On the lab finder it should tell you if the location is a "PSC".   Non-PSC locations are unreliable for electronic lab orders and they will require you have a paper order in hand. If your lab order was PLACED MORE THAN 6 MONTHS AGO, it will no longer be in the electronic system of Labcorp or Quest, but A PRINTED PAPER ORDER FORM ALWAYS IS VALID SO BRING IT WITH YOU TO THE LABORATORY ESPECIALLY IF IT'S BEEN MORE THAN 6 MONTHS SINCE THE ORDER WAS CREATED. Please keep a copy of the paper order that we give you in clinic (scan in somewhere so you can find it later). Calling our office to urgently request your lab order slip when you are at the lab will be a frustrating process. 





Fasting Instructions

Please make sure you review the specific written instructions given to you when you left the clinic since you may have to stop, change, or take a medication prior to doing specific testing. If your doctor requested, please remember to go fasting after midnight- No food, gum, tea, or juice in the morning. Un-sweetened water is OK. Take your morning pills with water only.  If you are on long acting insulin it is ok to take.

24-Hour Urine Collections Instructions

Twenty-four hour urine collections have specific instructions to follow depending on what substance is being tested. If you are working Monday through Friday, it may be easiest to begin the collection Sunday morning and drop of the sample at the designated lab location before going to work on Monday. 


We will electronically send or fax your prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. At your initial visit you should give us the name and zip code of your preferred pharmacy or mail order service. Many medications we prescribe can be expensive. Please shop around on your own for the best deal.

Imaging Tests/Treatment Facilities

When your doctor orders an imaging test, you will usually be given a specific location to complete your testing. Please review the instructions given to you when you left your clinic appointment. 

The usual locations we ask patients to visit are:

Baylor clinic (6620 Main Street)

After your visit you may walk your order form to the 12th floor of 6620 Main Street. Suite 1275 Houston, TX 77030. This is where the imaging tests are scheduled and completed. Present the order form to the front desk so they can register you in their system. This is the location we for thyroid cancer nuclear treatments and scans. You may also call to (re)schedule a test at 713 798 2300. 

Methodist hospital outpatient center

This is located at 6445 Main Street. Houston, TX 77030. Parathyroid scans and nuclear thyroid scans are done here. The phone number to call to schedule is 713.441.1227

Green Imaging Center

This is a place to go for patients with high deductibles or who are cost conscious. They have excellent radiologists and are able to locate imaging centers with lower rates. 866-653-0882 

MD Anderson Cancer Center Outpatient Radiology

After we have faxed orders to their center, patients should receive a call within 3 days. Contact 713 792 7171 for scheduling questions. The registration location is the Mays Clinic,  5th floor general ultrasound section. 

St Lukes' Tower 

Take the order the 9th floor of our building to schedule your testing with Nate. You may also call him at 832 355 7931 or at 832 355 0000 (option 2).