Why Choose Us?

Better Medicine

We know it is a difficult decision in this day and age to decide where to go for your hormone evaluation and treatment- there are many different clinics and many strategies for how to manage endocrine diseases. Let our doctors help you to understand what we do and what sets us apart as The Original Thyroid and Endocrine providers.

We are specially trained physicians in hormone diseases

Our clinic is run by board-certified endocrinologists who are endocrine specialists that have received accredited training in this field by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Many other "hormone clinics" are run by D.O.'s, M.D.'s, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, or wellness practitioners who have not received this training and do not have any board-certification in this field. Click here to learn the differences among "doctors". This certification requires at least 2 years of additional training through an accredited fellowship program affiliated with a major hospital or medical school. It is important to your health that you know if your hormone specialist is truly certified by the medical board to practice in this field. We recommend you use this link to find out: http://www.abim.org/services/verify-a-physician.aspx

We spend time with our patients

In many clinics, you may feel like you are being rushed in and out by nurses and doctors. Our physicians purposefully limit the number of patients that they see per day so that they can afford to spend enough time with each patient. Our practice takes pride in the age-old medical tradition of talking with our patients (something that has unfortunately been fading in modern medicine). We like to have our patients understand their diseases and allow them to address their questions and concerns. Nothing makes us feel better than when we hear our patients say "You are the first doctor to take the time to explain what is going on with my hormones."

Only M.D.'s treat our patients

In many endocrine clinics, you may meet with an endocrinologist the first time and then your care is subsequently managed by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. We feel strongly that if you have taken the time and effort to come to our clinic, then your care should be managed only by an endocrinologist who you will meet with every visit.

We are attentive to the financial needs of our patients

Medical treatments these days can be time-consuming and expensive. We are very conscientious of this fact and work very hard NOT to order unnecessary and costly tests or recommend unproven and expensive treatments when we do not feel that they are likely to benefit our patients. Our physicians will help you understand which hormone treatments are worth your hard-earned money and which are not. Additionally, we take pride in the fact that we do not sell any products in our office or have any financial ties with any pharmaceutical companies. We do our very best in this age of increasing healthcare expenses to be mindful of the cost of our care to our patients.

We keep up with the newest trends in endocrinology

Our physicians are active members of many highly-respected endocrine organizations and are involved in teaching at Baylor College of Medicine. This allows our practice to stay current on all of the most recent advances in our field. This also means that our physicians practice endocrinology with a 21st century approach- which is evidence and research-based and focused on treating our patients with the best science that medicine has to offer.

We feel this information is useful to understanding what our clinic can offer you. We encourage you to research other endocrine clinics and compare them to ours and please feel free to call us and ask us questions. We are confident that we can offer you the best endocrine care available and look forward to being your hormone specialists.