Telemedicine Houston

Three Steps to Televisit with Your Doctor

1. Setup and Schedule Your Televisit

All televisits must be scheduled. Call us at 713-795-0770 or schedule online

2. Pay for Your Televisit

Ahead of your scheduled visit our front staff will call, SMS, and portal message you to collect any applicable self pay fees, copays or deductibles.  Please look for that messaging.  If not received, then staff will connect with you within the televisit waiting room to collect before seeing the provider. Please have a credit or debit card available. 

3. Wait in the Virtual Waiting Room to Meet the Doctor.

Please enter the virtual waiting room 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. They may be with another patient and you can send a "text" message within the virtual waiting room. If you wait more than 15 minutes for the doctor without an answer then you may send a patient portal message after regular business hours.

Enter the patient's name and date of birth into the name field so the we can easily identify you. 

CLICK HERE FOR TECHNICAL HELP. There is NO APP needed.  Use any smartphone, mobile device,  computer, tablet  


Must be scheduled via doctor or phone call. Established patients only

katie spence link

Katie Spence CDE

Diabetes Educator

Must be scheduled via MD or by phone call. Established patients only

Dr. Farheen Dojki 

Must be scheduled via MD or by phone call. Established patients only