Virtual Waiting Room Access Device Tech Support

Unable to connect with the doctor for any technical issue? Our office staff will not be equipped to help you. You will need to make a physical office visit- use patient portal to send message "Technical issues with televisit, please schedule an office visit for me". The doctor will not be able to make a phone call

Minimum requirements for any device listed in this link here. You can also run diagnostic tests on your device here.

Desktop or Latptop computer/ Surface pro:


  • Use native SAFARI web browser (BUT NOT IN PRIVATE MODE) to avoid technical issues.

    1. Close all other apps on your phone, Please make sure you are not actively using the camera or microphone for another app such as Skype or Facetime

    2. "Allow" use of camera and microphone by your device. See steps here

    3. More details on use of safari are here. And Make sure you are not in "private mode" in safari (see this and Make sure your ipad is not on "zoom" feature (settings-->display & brightness--->view -->pick "standard" (

Android phones and tablets: