Healow App

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE "HEALOW" PATIENT PORTAL APP- all patients are strongly recommended to have this smartphone App for your mobile device! 

Find our practice by the name "Houston Thyroid and Endocrine" or our Unique practice ID "DGCHBA" Enter your username and password and create a app PIN for your phone for easy access later. This app allows east QR code check in and ability to send/receive messages and schedule appointments. 

Questions about Healow app functions? Click here

Video Explanations

Self-Schedule Your Appointment Now

This real-time appointment scheduling books your appointment immediately & is available to you 24 hour hours per day via Healow Open Access Self Schedule (video) . New  patient please note, once you select your doctor you will not be permitted to switch doctors within the group later on.  Go to open-access to schedule with your doctor now. Send a patient portal message to your doctor for sooner appointments.

How to Use the Patient Portal

This video is a general overview of most patient portal features.

View Your Lab Results

Lab results are listed by "order date" and not by date they were completed. When you click into the result you can see the "result date". Help with interpreting your blood tests 

Request Medication Refills

Make sure you don't wait to the last minute to request your refills. Please read this section for FAQ on refills

View Visit Summary / Doctor instructions

Your doctor will send you an electronic instructions page which you can access 1 days after your visit.

***If you are using the Healow App then just follow this steps:  MY RECORDS >> Appointments >> Visit Summary

HEALOW APP- How to view/send messages and see referral requests: 

Send a new message to the office, reply to previous message from the office,  see referral requests to other providers

 Web Browser (Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, etc) access:

 Click here for access on a web browser .Go to the upper right hand portion of the screen. You will need a username and password to enter the portal.