International Endocrine Second Opinion

If you are travelling from other countries for your care, we know you are looking for only the highest quality medical care that the world-renowned Texas Medical Center can provide. We can provide an Endocrinologist Second Opinion.


Online Medical Second Opinions

In order to save you the cost and time of travelling, we now also offer Online Medical Second Opinions and Online Live Consultations with Dr. Jogi and Dr. Elhaj from the comfort of your own home.

We manage many diseases by way of online communication including:

With this options you will receive a thorough review of your medical records, current and prior diagnostic testing and treatments and then a written summary and assessment of your endocrine issues as well as written answers to questions that you may have about your condition or prior medical care.

Online Live Consultation

If you would like to visit with Dr. Elhaj or Dr. Jogi live from your computer at home, we can help arrange an Online Live Consultation. We will help to coordinate obtaining your records and reviewing them in advance of your visit so that you can make the most of your visit.

  • Initial Medical Record Review + Written Endocrinologist Second Opinion

  • Initial Medical Record Review + Online Endocrinologist Live Consultation (0-60 minutes)

  • Follow-up Endocrinologist Online Live Consultation (0-30 minutes)

  • Follow-up Written Endocrinologist Second Opinion

To get started on this process, please call our International Service Coordinator at VIP(at) or Chat with us now

It will be important that you attempt to obtain as many of your medical records as you can prior to your office visit, second opinion or online live consultation. Depending on your medical condition, questions, concerns and prior treatment, further medical records may be requested by our office.

****Please note, we are unable to accept Medicare/Medicaid or any private insurance payments for any of our online endocrinology second opinion services.