Obesity Clinic

Houston Thyroid and Endocrine is now offering a physician-directed weight loss program for established patients. There are eight easy steps to get started.

4 reasons for weight gain & 4 ways to lose weight

(This program is no longer being offered )

1. Sign up:

During a clinic visit with your endocrinologist you may be invited to sign up for the program and pay a one-time $50 administrative fee. You will receive an email to complete a questionnaire.

2. Fill out the online questionnaire:

Video: complete a questionnaire to get registered for the program.

3. Come for an Appointment:

You will meet your physician and weight educator for the initial visit to receive your dietary "prescription" and follow up instructions.

If you choose the concierge payment plan you can complete the program via tele-health software instead of physical visits to the clinic.

4. Open your Get-Started Email:

You will receive an email which will allow you to create the credentials necessary to start the program. Video: Watch an orientation tutorial.

5. Create your username and password.

6. Review and accept your first dietary prescription

7. Log all your food intake and exercises

8. Start losing weight.

Read here for frequently asked questions about the obesity program

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