Plan Ahead

Arrive on time and relax

All patients should be aware that if they are more than 15 minutes late for their appointment they will be asked to reschedule for another day or, if they have time, wait until there is another no-show patient or cancellation for that same day. An on-time arrival is arriving at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Please consider these time-estimates if you are a new patient unfamiliar with the traffic and parking patterns in the medical center location. We recommend new patients unfamiliar with the medical center to arrive in the medical center complex (one mile radius of our office) at least 40 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time to allow for traffic, parking, and finding the office. The Katy office has much less of a traffic or parking issue

  1. Traffic from the 610 loop to our Medical Center building between 8am to 10am is the heaviest and could itself take 30 minutes

  2. Once you reach our building, there are several parking locations. Between 9am to 11am and 1245pm to 2pm there is usually a long line in order to parking in our building. There is usually no line when parking across the street at 6624 Main Street; you simply take the crosswalk to our building. The process of parking and walking to our office may take 15-20 minutes. Please print a copy of the directions.

  3. If you have not already completed your new patient packet, plan to spend 20 minutes completing that form in the waiting room prior to your appointment time. For example, if your appointment is at 820am, we would expect you to be at the office 20 minutes ahead of time to complete the packet since we want to have you ready for the doctor at 820am. If you arrive after you appointment time, you will likely need to wait until the patient ahead of you has been seen or rescheduled for another date. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, we will try to reschedule you as best we can for another date.

  4. The most common reason the doctors run behind is that earlier patients arrived late.