Path C

This is patient-specific information and should only be followed depending on the individual instructions given to you by the physician.

"PATH C" Scenario:

Six months to 1 year post surgery and radioactive iodine treatment, ready for thyrogen stimulated whole body scan (WBS) with possible treatment if indicated.

Preparation during clinic visit for "Path C"

a. Instructions to stay on synthroid

b. Low iodine diet instructions

c. Call backs dates

e. Lab slips (pre-treatment labs only). Where to go for labs.

f. Thyroid Nuclear Whole Body Scan order- Methodist

g. Schedule follow up appointments

Proper steps to complete Path C:


a. Methodist Hospital 6445 Main Street. Houston, TX 77030. phone 713 394 6805

b. Houston Thyroid and Endocrine Specialists. 6624 Fannin Street. Suite 2260. Houston, TX 77030. phone 713 795 0770


1. Start low iodine diet as per

2. Continue to take thyroid hormone

3. Get blood work done 7-10 days prior to scan for pregnancy testing

4. Wait for a call from our office to confirm your Methodist appointment. Then call Methodist to pre-register for your appointment


DAY1: Monday

Go to Methodist for first thyrogen injection in the morning.

DAY2: Tues

Go to Methodist for second thyrogen injection in the morning.

In the afternoon you will be dosed with a oral low dose radioactive iodine tracer I-123.

DAY 3: Wednesday

Whole Body scan at Methodist in the morning.

If a thyroid treatment dose is needed, radiology will call your doctor.

Plan for possible treatment with I-131 Wednesday afternoon.

You need to have at least 10 days of isolation after a treatment.

Day5- Friday

Come back to our office for blood work again to check your stimulated TG level.