How to Schedule Appointments via Healow-Self-Schedule

New and Follow up Patient Appointment Instructions

  • New Patient: If you have already scheduled a new-patient appointment, please do not re-schedule a new-patient-visit online Instead please contact our office at 713.795.0770 or chat online or send a patient portal message to let us know you need to re-schedule an already created new patient appointment.

  • Follow up patients: the best way to get a sooner appointment is by patient portal message or chat online to let us know you need more available times.

Below are the Detailed Steps for Scheduling with a Specific Doctor

  • Go to and select your doctor and press "Book Appointment Online Now" to view the doctors' current available upcoming appointment slots. Follow up patients should only select the doctor they have seen previously as there is no doctor switching allowed.

  • Look at the healow schedule for the two office locations: "Medical Center" and "Katy". Patients that want a televisit must complete a questionnaire prior to scheduling. New Patient Televisit Questionnaire is here. And the Established Patient Questionnaire is here. Decide which location you prefer

  • For each location there is a question "Have you been seen at this location before?"

    1. New Patients (never been seen at any location in past 3 years) MUST select "No"

    2. Follow up established patients who have been seen at any location in the past MUST select "Yes".

  • For each location there are two scheduling options.

    1. Select a the Date from section "Looking for a different date?" and there will be a calendar drop-down date or

    2. Pick "Next availability: 'date',

  • If you pick a specific date/time from Calendar or Next availability:

    1. Enter 'Patient details' to fully register: name, email, date of birth, gender. Press 'next'.

    2. Enter 'Visit details': Reason for the Visit and Info for the Provider (be brief), Insurance (you can skip the insurance number). Then press 'next'.

    3. Complete 'Phone verification': We need to verify your phone number for this appointment so select 'call' or 'text'. Within 15 minutes, enter the 4 digit code you receive by phone or text.

    4. Press 'Book Now' button to immediately schedule yourself. You will immediately receive a patient portal credentials email confirmation (from, check your spam folder in some cases) that you may be scheduled. Please log into your patient portal for the first time to confirm that your appointment is set up. If you did not get this email and log into your portal to see your appointment date then you do not have an appointment slot.