Grocery Store DO's and DON'Ts

Diabetes food choices can be difficult. Let us help your with your diabetes grocery list

ü    DO make a list for yourself before you leave the house. It will be easier to put healthy choices in your cart if you plan ahead. 


ü    DO shop after you exercise. You already took time to burn those calories and exercise is a natural mood-enhancer. You’ll be more motivated to stay on track during this post-exercise high J


ü    DON’T buy just for the sale. If it’s not on your pre-meditated list, think twice about why you’re really buying it before it goes in your cart.

ü    DO buy raw fruits and vegetables that are in-season. Fresh produce can be a lot more expensive depending on the particular food’s off-season. Try to determine the best time of year for buying your favorites. An easy rule to remember is, “the more colorful your plate, the better.”

ü    DO buy lean meats to avoid the invisible calories in fattier options. Try grilled chicken or fish instead of red meat, and lower calorie turkey alternatives to regular breakfast bacon and sausage. If you do choose red meat, try the 90% or 95% lean options instead.


ü    DON’T remove all carbohydrates from your diet…or shopping cart! Many patients with diabetes will attempt to regulate their blood sugar levels by eliminating all carbs (including fruit) entirely. However, carbs are still an essential part of a well-balanced diabetes diet. The key is to choose the right types of carbs but, more importantly, limit the amount of carbs in each meal. Try picking up some of these healthy carb choices on your next grocery trip:

o   100% whole wheat breads or pastas (avoid white breads and pastas)

o   Legumes (beans and lentils)

o   Sweet potatoes (avoid white potatoes)

o     Brown rice or quinoa

o   Raw fruit (avoid fruit juice and other sugary beverages like soda and energy drinks)

And lastly...

   ü  DO contact our office to make an appointment with our diabetes educator if you would like further assistance with meal planning.

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