Self pay charges and rates

In this era of extremely high deductibles and health insurance market changes, we strive to be transparent with our pricing.  Below are generalizations for patients without health insurance, the charges and costs a patient may see during a visit if self-pay.

      New Patient Follow up patient
Usual diabetes mellitus laboratory charges

Usual hypothyroid laboratary charges

$75   (CBC, CMP, lipids, A1c, urine)

$85  (TSH, Free T4, Total T3, TPO, Thyroglobulin ab) 
$75   (CBC, CMP, lipids, A1c, urine)

$60   (TSH, Free T4, Total T3)
Complex MD visit
(more than 3 problems, time consuming issues, uncontrolled disease processes)
This is uncommon!
 Moderate MD visit
 (chronic medical issues, examples are hypothyroidism, diabetes meliltus, pituitary disease, etc)
This is most patients
 $150   $100     
 Straightforward MD visit
(single issues that do not involve medication regimens or testing)
This is uncommon
 $125 to $200
(Depending on level of visit)
 $75 to $150
(Depending on level of visit)
 Thyroid Ultrasound

 $150 $150
 FNA biopsy 1 nodule
(Pathology fees handled by Afirma)

 $250 + Office Visit

$250 + Office Visit (lower fee above)
 FNA biopsy 2 nodules
(Pathology fees handled by Afirma)

 $325 + Office Visit$325 + Office Visit (lower fee above)
 FNA genetic testing
(Fees handled by Afirma)

 Placement of continuous glucose monitor (CGM)

 Download and interpretation of CGM

 $30 $30
 Nuclear uptake for hyperthyroidism

 $450 $450
 Radioiodine Treatment for hyperthyroidism

 ($45/unit) depends on dose required- $540 to $900 ($45/unit )depends on dose required- $540 to $900
 Radioiodine Treatment for thyroid cancer

($45/unit) depends on dose required $1350 to $4500($45/unit) depends on dose required $1350 to $4500
Diabetes Education, each 30 minutes

 $50 $50

Blood lab testing individual charges

See sheet 

See sheet 

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