Virtual Waiting room access device tech support

Unable to connect with the doctor for any technical issue? Our office staff will try to help if you call 713.795.0770. Otherwise, send a  patient portal to send message "Technical issues with televisit, please help me connnect". 

See details below in order:
1. No app download needed, just wifi or 4 bars of carrier strength
2. Pick a device and then close all other applications on your laptop or smart phone or tablet which use the camera and microphone (like duo, hangouts, skype, facebook live, etc) 
3. iPhone/iPad/Mac use Safari:
    Android use Chrome browser:
    Laptop or desktop make sure you have a camera and microphone:
If you have further questions please call our office before your visit or search through here for more answers to patient's questions about televisits

  • Desktop or Latptop computer/ Surface pro: 
    1. Restart your computer before a call
    2. Make sure you have a microphone and camera connected to the computer and "allow" them both within a Chrome browser. Here are instructions allowing camera use for your browser
    3. Only use a Chrome web browser. Here is a video for how to use Chrome or Firefox to connect: Step-by-step video is here You will need to download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
    4. Use headphones to reduce feedback/noise
    5. Surface pro details
  • iPhone/iPad: 
  • Use native SAFARI web browser (BUT NOT IN PRIVATE MODE)  to avoid technical issues. 
    1. Close all other apps on your phone, Please make sure you are not actively using the camera or microphone for another app  such as Skype or Facetime
    2. "Allow" use of camera and microphone by your device. See steps here
    3. More details on use of safari are here. And Make sure you are not in "private mode" in safari  (see this   and Make sure your ipad is not on "zoom" feature (settings-->display & brightness--->view -->pick "standard" (
  • Android phones and tablets:  
    1.  If you don't already have it, download the CHROME BROWSER. Not "Incognito" mode. Televisits will work best from a Chrome Browser app. 
    2. You will need to "allow" access to your camera and microphone. Details here