Virtual Waiting room access

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Listed below are instructions for how to access the virtual waiting room for your doctor depending on the device you are using. 

If you are unable to connect with the doctor for any technical issue, our office staff will not be equipped to help you. You will need to make a physical office visit. Just send a patient portal message with subject "Technical issues with televisit, please schedule an office visit for me"

  • Desktop or Latptop computer: Here is a video for how to use Chrome or Firefox to connect: Step-by-step video is here You will need to download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Make sure you have a microphone and camera connection and "allow" them both. 
  • iPHONE/iPAD we suggest using either the native SAFARI web browser (BUT NOT IN PRIVATE MODE)  to avoid technical issues. There is an iOS DOXY APP if you want to use that.  Make sure to close all apps on  your phone, especially those that use camera or microphone functions. Also you will be prompted to "allow" use of microphone and camera when you enter the waiting room. Please say YES to these prompts to allow those functions otherwise you will not see or hear the doctor. 
    • If you have technical difficulty we recommend you use read though the Technical support section, and if you still cannot connect then it would be best for you to come in to the office for a visit. :
      • In most cases simply 
      • (1)closing the app or safari
      • (2)closing all other apps on your phone,
      • (3) restarting the phone fixes the problems
      • (4) Make sure you are not in "private mode" in safari  (see this   
      • (5) make sure your ipad is not on "zoom" feature (settings-->display & brightness--->view -->pick "standard" (
      • Please make sure you are not actively using the camera or microphone for another app  such as Skype or Facetime because that creates an issue. 
      • See How to close the DOXY app on iOS devices . A next step is to DELETE the app and re-install it.
  • Android :  There is no app If you don't already have it, download the CHROME BROWSER. Televisits will only work from a Chrome Browser app. You will need to "allow" access to your camera and microphone. Then visit to find the correct waiting room..
  • Windows phone:  Do these still exist? Won't work at.  Use a desktop.