Pre-pubertal well visit

Pre-pubertal well visit and counseling for girls:

Puberty: are you and your child ready? Puberty is a time when your child goes through a series of significant physical, emotional and psychological changes. It starts when the child’s brain starts producing sex hormones that stimulate the ovaries or testes. It usually starts between 8-11 years in girls and 9-13 years in boys. It’s often an overwhelming time for the child and parents. Let the puberty expert help your child understand the various bodily changes he or she is going through.  We offer a pre-pubertal well visit with counseling for girls.

 The recommended age for counseling is as early as 8 to 9 years and up to 13 years. We educate the girls about the typical body changes that happen in puberty and about menstrual cycles. We teach them how to cope with these changes. We prepare your child to approach puberty with confidence. We also provide you and your child resources to help you with the awkward and uncomfortable discussions.