New Patient Medical Records requirements


Please bring these records with you in hand on your first visit AND send records prior to visit


-glucose meter

        -diabetes eye examination report from eye doctor

-most recent blood work including hemoglobinA1c, urine microalbumin, lipids

Hypothyroid (low thyroid levels):

-most recent blood work

-initial blood work if possible

Hyperthyroid (high thyroid levels):

-most recent bloodwork

-initial bloodwork if possible

-thyroid uptake/scan report (nuclear test) *important

-thyroid ultrasound report

Thyroid Nodule:

-thyroid ultrasound reports *important

-any prior thyroid biopsy pathology reports *important

Thyroid Cancer:

-surgical pathology report from original thyroid surgery (showing size of cancer) *important

-any recent blood work

-any whole body scan reports

-any thyroid ultrasound reports

Pituitary Disease:

-any MRI reports * important

-any blood work including any hormone testing

-any CT reports

Adrenal Disease:

-any CT or MRI reports of the abdomen or adrenals *important

-any prior hormone testing done


-most recent and any old DXA/bone density reports *important

-any lab work which includes vitamin D, PTH, calcium, 24 hour urine calcium


-any labs which include calcium, PTH (parathyroid hormone), vitamin D, 24 hour urine calcium

-any parathyroid scan (sestamibi nuclear test) reports, CT/MRI neck reports

-any thyroid ultrasound reports and bone density reports

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

-any ovarian ultrasound reports or hormone lab work