Twitter Re follow policy

Welcome to Houston Thyroid and Endocrine Specialists

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Board Certified Endocrinologists. 

Houston, TX

Twitter is a great tool for spreading information in short bursts but its been hampered by the large amount of marketing, self-promotion, bots,etcs. The fact is we have a finite amount of time per day and any extra time spent in one area means making a sacrifice somewhere else. Here are our rules on how to not be refollowed:

  1. Your Twitter account is primarily about selling products (teeth whitening, car insurance, real estate, SEO, etc.), promoting yourself, promoting your business, promoting your products, or promoting your religion (with the expectation that I become a convert).
  2. Your Twitter account is primarily used for company PR that is manned by an employee or an automated bot. 
  3. A majority of your tweets come from a client called “API” (meaning you’re a bot), you steal other people’s tweets in an attempt to make your account look legitimate, or you are trying to make money by allowing business to advertise to your followers. We call this SPAM.
  4. You follow our account with multiple fake accounts with the same basic naming rules (i.e. firstname_lastnameXXX where XXX is a set of numbers) in the hopes of amassing a large following. I do not auto-refollow.
  5. You don’t have a real Twitter picture of your face, you don’t link to a blog or a homepage that you run or have contributed to, or your description is generic. If we can’t identify that you are a real person then chances are we won’t be following you.
  6. If your picture is not something we feel comfortable showing to a 5 year old then we won’t follow you. If a majority of links on your page are to an adult site then again we won’t be following you.
  7. Your account has tons and tons of #followfriday (#ff) tweets with nothing more than a list of people’s @ nicknames. 
  8. You tweet frequently about how to make money, get more followers, or achieve as much success as you.
  9. Your account has only a couple of tweets but you’re following several hundred (or thousand) people and are slowly collecting followers (aka disproportionate follow/followers ratio). 
  10. You follow a hit-and-run policy where you follow a ton of people, collect followers, and then unfollow everyone following at some later point to make yourself look like a popular celeb with a very high follow/followers ratio.

Once followed, we will unfollow you if:

  1. You violate any of the rules above.
  2. You send me an automatic direct message (DM) with some prefabricated message. We really appreciate personal DMs meant to be sent ‘directly’ to me (hence the name). Building a professional relationship goes a long way in my book and will likely result in me reading your tweets more often.
  3. You attempt to use our name and/or likeness to endorse your product, project, or anything else without my written permission. Doing this will probably also result in a sternly worded letter from our lawyer so don’t do it.
  4. Or for any other reason not listed here.

Other Policies & Disclaimers

  1. Via this website do not write seeking medical advice. Please see your personal doctor or come to our clinic for medical advice. See our disclaimer. 
  2. Contact with us online is under the explicit understanding that no doctor-patient relationship exists and none will be formed this way.
  3. A blog post, comment, Twitter status, or any contribution by me on the web is not a replacement for a doctor visit in person. If it is a medical emergency then please call the designated emergency services system in your country.
  4. Our blog posts and Twitter status updates are not medical, legal, ethical, financial, moral, political, or any other form of advice, suggestion, or recommendation.
  5. Our opinions are fluid and we have the right to change our position as my knowledge and experiences dictate.
  6. We reserve the right to alter or delete any content we have published, owned, or have authored for any reason.
  7. We reserve the right to not approve or delete any communication directed to me on the various social media profiles, blogs, websites, etc. that we control for any reason.
  8. We reserve the right to delete any Twitter status updates for any reason. Most common reasons include but are not limited to: old replies, non-medicine related replies, incorrect or unverified articles/links, etc.
  9. We reserve the right to ignore any contact through any means (Blog, Twitter, Email, IM, etc). Most common reasons include but are not limited to: unwanted marketing, SPAM, hostile/aggressive/annoying behavior, unfamiliarity or lack of personal/professional relationship, etc.
  10. Following, contacting, or ‘friending’ people on any social media sites, blogs, etc. is not an endorsement by us of the message, opinions, beliefs, or mission of that person, group, or business.
  11. We have limited amounts of time to read everyone’s tweets on Twitter. 
  12. We will disclose any/all endorsements.