Causes of low pituitary function

Many different conditions can result in reduced production of pituitary hormones.

Pituitary disease:

Any disease of the pituitary can cause problems with hormone production. These problems include:  pituitary mass lesions, pituitary  surgery, empty sella, pituitary radiation, hemochromatosis, lymphocytic hypophysitis, Sheehan's syndrome,  genetic diseases, pituitary abscess, pituitary apoplexy

Hypothalamic disease:

These disorders can also cause problems with the secretion of ADH which can cause diabetes insipidus. These problems include: hypothalmic mass lesions, hypothalamic radiation, hypothalmic infections

Trauma to the brain:

Head trauma which fractures the skull base can cause hypothalmic hormone dysfunction. The probability of pituitary function being affected is directly related to the severity of the injury. 


These are rare strokes that affect the pituitary of hypothalamus.
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