Parathyroid surgery

Parathyroid surgery is the only definitive treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism

The most important part of  surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism is the experience of the surgeon. The standard operation for parathyroid adenoma removal was  started in 1925. Since that time the surgical approach has changed quite a bit and no longer requires a large surgical scar. When parathyroid surgery is done correctly it will cure the disease process. It has been shown in several studies that the success of the surgeon is directly related to their experience.  Prior to the operation several imaging tests will be done to help determine if a minimally invasive surgery can be performed. 

Potential complications of such a surgery:
Injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve leading to a hoarse voice
Permanent hypoparathyroidism causing hypocalcemia
Inability to cure the hyperparathyroidism

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