Televisit for education

How do I meet with the Diabetes Educator and What are the costs? 

Request an Appointment with the educator

Whether you are a new patient to us or an established patient,
simply fill out this Diabetes Education Packet and then we will contact you to schedule an
appointment ONLINE face to face LIVE visit that is customized for you. Most insurances do not
cover this service and we will let you know; if insurance does not cover the visit, then the cash cost
to  you is only $50 per visit. 


Schedule an appointment 

Once we have received your completed Diabetes Education packet we will contact you within 
24 hours to set up a meeting ONLINE or in person based on your preferences. Your first visit 
will be approximately 45 - 60 minutes with Katie Spence our Certified Diabetes Educator.  


Get your device ready

We are accessible from everywhere. Your desktop or laptop (with webcam), tablet, & smartphone.


Costs of Diabetes Education

We will check on your insurance benefits for diabetes education but most often insurances 
do not cover online diabetes education especially for pre-diabetes. For your benefit we have an affordable self pay 
price of $50 per visit. A typical series for diabetes education is an initial visit with 2-4 follow up
appointments depending on your needs.


What to Expect

1. We can download your Insulin Pump Data or Dexcom or Glucometer directly from your computer 
via our Diasend Service
2. Review healthy eating tips and discussion of our online weight management clinic if interested
3. One-on-one discussion of best practices for healthy living with diabetes mellitus