miRInform by Asuragen®

The miRIform markers can be used to help determine if indeterminate nodules are likely to be malignant


miRInform Thyroid is a Panel of molecular markers which improves preoperative diagnostic accuracy for patients with indeterminate thyroid nodules. In addition, the panel can aid in the characterization of malignancy. The panel consists of 7 analytically validated molecular markers and utilizes fine needle aspirate (FNA) specimens. The miRInform Thyroid panel is a molecular diagnostic tool utilizing DNA and RNA based markers (BRAF, RAS, RET/PTC and PAX-8-PPARy). Multiple peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that the mutations and genetic rearrangements, assayed by miRInform Thyroid, correlate with malignant thyroid nodules. Therefore, miRInform Thyroid can aid physicians in diagnosis and patient management decisions.


A positive test is helpful in the decision making since the specificity of the test is very high. The presence of any of these markers within thyroid nodules has been strongly correlated with malignancy and are found in at least 70% of differentiated thyroid carcinomas.

A negative result does not exclude cancer and does not aid in clinical decision making since the sensitivity is low.





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