Qualify for a televisit

All of these rules are determined by the Texas Medical Board and your legislative representatives. If you want the rules changed, contact your local and national congressperson

To do a televisit you must meet all the below criteria
  • Established Patients only - you must have physically seen the doctor before.
  • Non-medicare - medicare regulations/ requirements for televisits are Byzantine and too difficult to follow. Contact your US senator for help
  • Last physical visit within 1 year - You must have been seen in office at least once within the last 1 year .
  • Within Texas - during the visit you must physically be within Texas.
  • No need for physical exam- If your symptoms / concerns require vital signs or a physical exam you will be asked to schedule an in-person visit or local urgent care. For example, patients with diabetes coming for routine 3 month follow up must be seen in office as vital signs are required, but short follow up (less than 2 weeks from last office visit) on diabetes is usually acceptable.  Patients with hypothyroidism are usually eligible for visits less than 6 months from last office visit. Etc.