Insurance for telemedicine

We will bill your telemedicine visit to your private insurance and it should be covered. There are some insurances that will not pay for the $30 to $80 charge and those are listed below. 

New Patients will be billed prior to scheduling a followup televisit. Follow up patients will be billed after visits 

Insurances that do not pay for teleivsits are listed below, so patients can opt for cash payments
  • Humana patients: a cash rate applies to televisits as they are not covered by your plan. If you want to see this benefit added in the future, please contact your insurance to request.
  • Medicare patients that do not live in a federally designated "rural" zip code cannot do televisits at all, not even for a cash price. Due to the byzantine rules we cannot offer televisits to any medicare patient. Please contact your US congressman or your US senator to request televisits be allowed for all medicare patients. 
  • Cash rates are generally $30 to $80 with the convenience of avoiding a physical trip to discuss your results/concerns.