Dr. Jogi Rules/Regulations

Houston Thyroid and Endocrine receives  a phone call every 36 seconds and each call takes 2 to 20 minutes to complete. Health insurers do not reimburse for voice call staffing. Therefore in order to provide excellent responses to your questions,  Dr. Jogi requires his patients to communicate with the office in written form only.

(1) Portal messages - Please use a subject title that summarizes the content of the body. The location of portal is http://www.houstonendocrine.com/patientportal    (48 hour turn around for staff responses, scheduled for MD response with charges)

(2) Faxes to 713.795.0855 with title "Communication to Dr. Jogi"    (1 week turn around)

(3)  Upload a document with title "Communication to Dr. Jogi" at  http://www.houstonendocrine.com/submit-records    (3 day turn around)
(4) Letters to 6624 Fannin Street Suite 2260. Houston TX 77030. Attention ""Communication to Dr. Jogi"    (2 week turn around )

Emergencies and urgent communication will require a visit to the emergency room. 
Lab order slip policy:
Details: http://www.houstonendocrine.com/doctor-orders-and-paperwork
1. We should provide you with a paper copy of all lab and imaging orders at the end of your visit. Patients are expected to retain a copy of these orders. A paper print-out is required at the lab. 
2. We will provide a one-time electronic submission of your lab orders at the time of your office visit and give you a paper copy of the order. 
3. If you do not have the paper copy when you go to the lab, you must come to the office to pick up a paper copy of  your orders. We will not submit orders by fax to any location. We do not mail orders. We will not resubmit electronically. 

This is an un-monitored messaging service. Please use one of the above methods to communicate.

No Jerk Policy
Dr. Jogi runs an office where he expects mutual respect among staff and patients. Patients should expect to follow the below rules
There are two specific tests 
  1. After encountering the person, do people feel oppressed, humiliated or otherwise worse about themselves?
  2. Does the person target people who are less powerful than him/her?

The below behaviors are not tolerated:

  1. Insults
  2. Violation of personal space
  3. Unsolicited touching
  4. Threats
  5. Sarcasm
  6. Flames
  7. Humiliation
  8. Shaming
  9. Interruption
  10. Backbiting
  11. Glaring
  12. Snubbing