Chat Schedule
Click the Chat "Live Support Online" button to schedule with a staff member on weekdays 8:00 am to 3:00 pm CST. We don't respond to chats after these regular business hours. 

After Hours Support
After regular hours established patients should use their patient portal to send non-urgent messages. If you are having an emergency call 911. 

1. Confirm Your Identity
For any message you send or chat placed, please let us know with whom we are chatting.  Tell us your full name, and your date of birth
If you are confirming a future scheduled appointment, please give us the date you are coming (or not coming)

2. Appropriateness
The Chat feature is meant for scheduling and rescheduling of appointments, directions, confirmations of upcoming appointments. Please use your patient portal for all non-scheduling issues. For example: Request for refills and questions about your medical treatment plan should be via your portal and not chat.